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We are pleased to announce that you may now register online to…

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We are pleased to announce that you may now register online to attend Midwest FurFest! For instructions and information on how to register, please see our Registration page.
Dealers, you can also apply for a table (or more) in the Dealers Den. Please read and follow the instructions on the Dealers Den page carefully before submitting your application.
Finally, a bit of early warning: All of you DJ's need to start dusting off your beats, because we will start accepting submissions of sample sets starting July 12, 2013!
  • Hey, Duncan.

    I checked the MFF Registration system and I am curious if the people who volunteered for enough hours at MFF 2012 will get a "promo code" to apply to their registration so they could pay the rest (e.g. a Shiny Sponsorship) online via the system there instead of sending a check.

    I know FWA does this and was curious if you guys were implementing this too.

    • Yep...we will be sending instructions to people who will be getting rollovers in an email in a few weeks. Basically, we will need to get you to create an account and we'll be giving you credit for the memberships.

      MFF Registration
      • (Anonymous)
        I want to refister for MFF, but the website displays a SSL error.
        • Due to a change in hosting, furfest,org no longer requires a secure connection, but your browser may still be set to attempt to request one. Clear your cache, or restart your browser, and the issue should fix itself.
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