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Room at main hotel

Room at main hotel

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Hey there,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this (if not - please let me know where I could look around), but..

I'm looking for a room for 4 people at the main hotel for MFF 2015. Anyone knows where I could ask around or find someone who might sell their room?

Thanks in advance
  • You may also want to check the official forums
  • As the event comes closer, reality sets in for furs that had wild dreams of attending but never had a chance. They will start canceling their reservations and if you are lucky you can snag one of them. Best bet is to start calling the hotel a couple of times per day and see if any have opened up.

    You can also post on FB and Twitter to see if anyone is willing to just swap their reservation into your name rather than flat out canceling theirs.

    Good luck!
    • Thanks for the suggestions. I'm aware that some people end up cancelling their reservations or selling them. The main problem seems to be that there isn't really an official place where to discuss these things, which makes it a bit difficult to keep track of the hotel.

      Already sent a mail to the hotel , but they couldn't really help me, so I guess that the best thing to do is keep on looking.

      Thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate that a lot. :)
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