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The Midwest FurFest Community

Letting those from MFF staff know that things are being taken care of.

Letting those from MFF staff know that things are being taken care of.

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 I want to apologize to everyone on the reaction that happened in the fursuit lounge with Frost and security.  He did not mean it and I can assure you it will never happen again.  I luv my mate to death and will do anything to help him.  Please forgive his rude behavior and outbursts.  I just do wish to request he does not be banned ever from returning to another MFF.  It would seriously tear him up inside that he would never be able to go and yet I am able to.  I don't wanna leave my mate behind.  MFF is one kick ass con.  Hell it was my first fur con back in '05.  I never wanna miss a MFF.  Hell just being wit well staff or being a performer for the DJ slot, I am so happy that I will be doing this at every MFF I go to from now on.  I am happy everyone enjoyed mine and frosts set.  As did everyone enjoyed seeing me during the varity show.

To Robert King:  Thank for having me on there.

Woody: thank you for helping me out wit registraition and whatever else crosses my mind.

Knightshade:  You did a wonderful job being on security.  Your a real sweetheart.  Possibly one of the nicest persons on there.

Butterscotch Vixen:  Thank you for allowing me to perform and play my music on saturday.

Quasi Skunk:  Ya still do a damn good job getting the con suite together, but ya still need to get those air fresheners changed XD

Linneaus:  Thank you for letting me attend most of the MFF meetings and hearing out ideas and other stuff that might benefit for the con.

Chanur:  Ya did a great job in yer area also...............just wish I could remember what it was :P *nuzzles*

And I know Frost will agree with me on this that everyone did a wonderful job in their areas.  But as said for security I do wish to request that things be a little more thought out before acting out wrongly.  Things with Frost will be settled but I do request on this post for MFF that I wish to see and to be assured he will not be banned from ever returning to a MFF ever again.  An apology will be made to those he has supposedly threatened or other wise.  And yes I have read his LJ post and I do reqest also that it does not be used any more against him.  The little pissy baby shit is over and time to bury the hatchet.  I don't wanna see my mate sad that he can't see his fellow LAFF friends or other furs from around the world at MFF every again.  Please forgive him once he makes his apology.

Thank you  

Blazger  (The fire tiger)
  • Always great to see you again. There's some snafu in trying to get my 600 pics uploaded.. but if you or Frost are on IMs tomorrow, I can zip the ones of you two up and send them to you. There's some really good ones!
  • I was the gryphon sitting across the hall from you, and even though I dont know you I will say that security acted in the wrong in several ways. You handled what they tried to do to you a LOT better then I would have, but then I dont get paid to take crap. So I wouldn't apologize that much, just talk to the constaff and explain your side.

    As a side note, I hope that lady never gets another security position at MFF, that was greatly uncalled for.
    • I remember who you was ;) I was playing wit them wings a few times and pokeing ya wit my gun ;) hehe

      And yeah I have a way with dealing wit people and ending arguments. Some have even thanked me for making them feel alot better, as has frost.

      Maybe I should get on security cause I walk around ALOT. In suit and out of suit.....well sometime out of suit but at least I pay attention.
  • I wrote to frostcat about 3 hours ago regarding this but it looks like his journal went "poof!". Any idea if he got my message before he purged it?

    • Turns out in the rage of what he saw and something like that may have made him delete his LJ so as not to hear any more drama. I'm just as suprised as you are. I'll let him know you tried to talk to him k hun. *nuzzle*
      • Yeah. I can understand why he did it but yeah....I guess it isnt the way I have thought to handle things (disabling comments is usually easier and less trouble) when drama finds its way to my LJ.

        At any rate, I wish I had saed what I wrote to him.

  • Hope Frost get through this on a positive note. :) Many hugs to him. :) Hope you had fun at MFF. :)
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