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The Midwest FurFest Community

"Right Now" video featured in the Variety Show

"Right Now" video featured in the Variety Show

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Skuff - Rock Paws
A lot of people had asked me where "Right Now" video featured in the Fursuit Variety Show could be found. If you missed the variety show, this was the first year in which it included video segments, mainly Max Goof's "I'm a Big Beaver" and the "Right Now" video I did. I was holding off releasing mine until after the convention. So for your viewing pleasure the furry "Right Now" video. (Direct youtube link)

Thank yous to the con staff, the gophers, the volunteers and the voluntold, and most of all thank you to the furry fandom for making MFF the event of the year for me.
  • Awesome vid! Thanks!
  • Your video was the high point in the show for me. Thanks for the link and for sharing it.

    BTW, I also think Skuff is a great suit and character. Well done. :D
  • The video was so great, as well as your lead-in to it, very cute. :)
  • I remember you! You were the one who was heckling the werewolf game on Sunday night and also interacting with Snappy the raccoon (puppet with the cup on his head XD)
    • I like to think I was heckling Akalai, because (deity of choice) knows he needs to be heckled more. :)

      An Snappy was kyoot!!!!
      • lol Well Akalai seems like he was rolling quite well with it XD.

        And thank you, this past weekend was my first weekend ever doing puppetry ^^
        • Akali *IS* a ferret of chaos, he denies it but we all know it's true. Once you know this, he deserves heckling. :)

          An' I had fun with the coonie! you did a good job with him, well, from what I could see in my blind box. :)
  • Anyone like my performance with my wolf puppet. It seemed like people picked me because he was always trying to play the defender card.

  • Wow.

    Very nicely done.

    I got goosebumps. :-)
  • Wow, thats an incredible video.

    You should be very proud.

    It left me wanting more. Very nicely done.

    - Lucky Dog
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