Duncan da Husky (duncandahusky) wrote in midwest_furfest,
Duncan da Husky

2006: A Year of Records

(A small recap of number announced at Closing Ceremonies)

We saw more pre-registrations than ever before this year, and as the convention approached we started to get nervous over exactly how many of you all were planning on attending. We made preparations, and we (almost) got everything right, though!
2005: 1,066 furries in attendance. 2006: 1,441 furries in attendance
2005: 107 sponsors. 2006: 156 sponsors (more than we had pint glasses for! We'll be mailing glasses those of you who didn't get them soon, I promise)

Safe Haven Wildlife Rescue, this year's charity, is in the midst of preparing for a big move from Illinois to Nevada soon where they will serve as one of the few large mammal rescue and rehabilitation facilities in that area. We were pleased to be able to help them with their transition. We had hoped to meet last year's Charity Auction proceeds of $3,000, and you all came through for us, raising $5,570 this year. Approximately another $1,000 was raised through donations at their table and in Con Suite, and Midwest FurFest was happy to match all of these dollar-for-dollar for a total for Safe Haven of $13,048.96.

Art Show
This was another banner year for the Art Show. We featured 10-15 more artists and 693 pieces (up 25% from last year). 65 pieces went to auction, up 35% from last year even though the bid sheets were changed so it was five bids to auction instead of four. And although we thought it was great that we broke the $10k barrier last year with total proceeds of $11,584, this year we nearly doubled that figure with a final take for artists of $22,442. Also, as has become tradition at MFF, checks for the artists were available at Closing Ceremonies!

213 suits in the Fursuit Parade! 'Nuff said.

Thanks to everyone for coming! We hope you had as good a time at the convention as we did making it happen.

And now, I'm going to go sleep for a week...
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