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The Midwest FurFest Community

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms

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I have been hearing some rumours that we are running low or out of rooms for this years MFF and this has confused me.

In talking with the hotel contact this morning, it would seem that we still have plenty of rooms available for this year.

You can reserve a room by calling 847-605-1234 and ask for the Local Reservations desk and be sure to mention Midwest FurFest to get the $92/night rate.

If for some reason you have any issues, feel free to email hotel(at)furfest(dot)org and let me know that you are having an issue and I can try to get the issue resolved.
  • I think its the way your website is set up. I suspect the rooms are full notification people are seeing is from last year.
  • Thanks for the phone number! I too had been hearing those rumors, and it was making me worried. =x Do we have to pay up front? Or pay in November? Or maybe I should just call them and find out. :3
    • You pay when you stay basically.. they ask for card details to reserve it but dont charge you anything unless you dont cancel within 24 hours before your supposed to check in I believe.

      Basically you pay in November.. at least, thats what they told me! :)
      • *nods* Makes sense, thanks - I think I'll reserve mine this afternoon then. Make my credit card company happy if I actually use the darn thing. :D
  • Are y'all going to have any sort of web interface for that? I tried using the hotel's website, but they said that all the rooms are booked for that weekend (I'm assuming it's 'cause y'all had them all blocked under the MFF name). The only reason I ask is because I'm currently deployed overseas and I have no way to call the hotel directly.
  • Dude I can't wait for the MFF, the theme this year is fantastic
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