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The Midwest FurFest Community

Midwest FurFest Announces Great Things for 2007!

Midwest FurFest Announces Great Things for 2007!

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First off, we have our theme: Critters on the High Seas. It’s a little something for all of your nautical furries: pirates, sailing ships, and all of that good stuff!

Next up, we have our Guests of Honor. Midwest FurFest is pleased to welcome Cara Mitten. Cara is a gifted artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in Dragon Magazine, Magic: the Gathering, several books by White Wolf Publishing, Anthrolations magazine, and both the Kennel Club and Bestiary card decks.

We are also pleased to be joined by Jill C., aka Jill0r. Jill is an excellent illustrator, cartoonist, painter, and costumer. She recently completed a BFA in Illustration and Animation. Her professors nipped at her heels, barking that she "choose a style and stick with it," but unable to follow directions, Jill is doing whatever she darn well pleases and is having a good time with it.

Finally we welcome Will Sanborn. Will is a talented author whose work has been featured in South Fur Lands, Anthropomorphine, and Fur Visions, and he has had several story collections published by Sofawolf Press.

We invite you to visit our newly-revamped website at http://www.furfest.org for more information, and we’ll see you in November!
  • New web site looks great! Already booked the hotel, now I just have to register. :3 Great theme btw. *grins and has mental images of pirate dragons running around*
  • (no subject) -
    • Please do! Show off your talent. Yer welcome to submit something sea-related to the website as well. There are 4 more pages I need to eventually add a graphic to.
  • YAY !!! Pirates !

    Packing will be so easy !
  • P.S. - Any clue when the Dealer Info links on the site will work properly ?
    • We've identified the problem; give us a day or two and we should have everything working.
    • Stuff should work now. If you see anything that isn't quite working right, please drop me an email at chillymouse@gmail.com. Thanks!
  • The website looks really really nice.yay and aww pirates furries arr.
  • Ah ha! So my piratey senses fail me not! and to think I was bringing the crew along without a clue about this theme ^_^

    Bonus! Yaaay
  • I'm happy folks like the site so far. I want to add more graphics eventually.
  • How fun! What wonderful guests of honor. I'm looking forward to another year of a great con. :)
  • OMGZ I luv this years theme I can't wait to attend this year convention, I may need to extra roommates though does anyone know where I can post to find some roomies
  • Yarr! This means I'll have to get crackin' on getting my new fursuit a pirate outfit! A fine theme it be!

    Here's hoping for a great time and a loving sendoff to the Hyatt.
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