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The Midwest FurFest Community

FYI Re: Hotel Rooms at MFF

FYI Re: Hotel Rooms at MFF

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Well Stego and I got quite a scare. We tried to book a hotel room for the con via online and were told that all rooms were sold out. I took initiative and looked at the MFF website and saw no indication from the site admin about the hotel rooms being sold out. So, we called and sure enough there was no shortage of hotel rooms yet.

I guess thier online system is not quite working so take that into account when you guys book your room online. See you guys there!
  • Room reservation at the Hyatt is not currently available online. The reason that the rooms are showing that they are all sold out is because they are all set aside for Midwest FurFest!

    We are currently working with the Hyatt and we should have online room reservations available within the next month or so. Watch this community for an announcement and link once it is available!
    • Yup. Funny thing is stht Stego was ready to book even a non-convention part of the hotel, paying the higher price per night. However, it said NOTHING was available at the convention rate or not .

      • That is because they are all set aside for Midwest FurFest. It's got to the point where there's no room for anyone but furries. ;-)
        • I didnt know that MFF could book out every single room in the hotel. I thought the Hyatt has to leave some rooms avaiable for non-convention goers, even just 10 or so. Sadly the online form at the hyatt's site is not considering that the end-user requested any hotel room at the convention rate. It is saying that all convention rooms are sold out and all non-convention rooms are sold out.

          • I suspect they have to reserve some rooms for use by certain partner programs - but, of course, you have to be a member of those programs to reserve such rooms.
    • Should I note anything on the website regarding this?
      • You could always call the hotel and get the skinny on why the online booking wont let you book for MFF rooms. Find out if they are just not letting you do that online or if there is an actual glitch in their online system.

        I do agree it would be good to note on the site so that people who dont know of the LJ group here will be reminded that it never hurts to call the hotel and find out availability from a live body (vs a computer)

      • Perhaps you were unclear on my previous comment. We are working with the hotel to get booking online in place, and it is coming soon.
      • What Duncan said. :)

        In the meantime, the way to book your hotel room is to call the hotel at (847) 605-1234, just like in previous years, and mention you're with Midwest Furfest. Instructions are on the website here. We'll update the site and make announcements when that changes, but in the meantime operators are standing by, waiting to assist you. :)
  • Gonna cuddle ya all over at there when I see ya hun ;)
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