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The Midwest FurFest Community

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Midwest FurFest

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December 5th, 2012

Abrahm's Midwest FurFest 2012 photos

Credit me (Abrahm) if you repost or reuse any of the images.

Thanks, everyone!

December 1st, 2012

Looking for any photos of me in my fursuit, Jacolf!
If you have seen me, please leave a comment with a link to the photo! Thanks so much! :D

November 27th, 2012

New video up on http://www.youtube.com/user/thatdancingdog channel

It was wonderful to produce this and seeing so many furries come together and learn the moves, was very moving for me. Such an unexpected turn out.
Thank you again to Revit for filming and editing and everyone that made this possible.


I had amazing time at Midwest FurFest and I look forward to next year!

November 25th, 2012

Photos posted!

dax, furry, ukulele, cooner-commission
As several others have done in the past week, I have uploaded my (mostly-fursuit) photos to the Midwest Furfest Flickr group. Check them out if you'd like!

ALL 321: Full set
MY FAVORITE 45: Best-of set 

I mentioned it on the set pages, but if you are in a photo, please feel free to save and repost it to your gallery of choice; please link back to the original or my FA (wolfwithdances). You can also send me a note/comment/shout if you do repost--I love it when I can capture someone in a photo they like!

Cheers everyone, and hope to see you next year!

  Berkeley, CA

November 21st, 2012

Hey all!

This is your friendly badge gopher! The one standing/sitting in front of the Dealers Den/Artist Alley area with the black (lynx) Necomimi, asking if I can see your badges, badges, can I see your badges THANK YOU!! And you and you! Enjoy your con!

I just wanted to say, thank you for the amazing convention! This is one of the cons where I've had the most fun! And I've been going to conventions for over ten years!!

Thank you all for being so kind and showing me your badge, thanks for the hugs, the encouragement, and compliments. I'm very much looking forward to Midwest FurFest 2013! I will be back!

And look forward to seeing all of you!!
Im looking for some pictures and videos of Slenderman


Thank You!!!

Fursuit Photos!

The Midwest FurFest official Fursuit Photography photos are online, along with the parade group photo! Head to: http://furfestphotos.dexcat.net

November 20th, 2012

Art Show Awards

Midwest FurFest and the staff of the Art Show would like to thank all of the artists who displayed their work with us and all of the attendees who bid on the art in the show. And a special thanks goes out to those of you who took the time to vote on your favorite art piece. The Art Show Award winners this year are:

Amber Hill/Vantid - Her piece "Sea Wolves" won the "Best In Show" award chosen by you guys, the attendees.
Our Guest of Honor, Jennifer Miller/Nambroth won the "Artists' Choice" award (which was voted on by the artists themselves) with the piece "A Special Kind of Blue".
Kellic Lamphere/Plaguedog's piece "Silver Fox" won the "Chairman's Choice" award.
And Jeff Beedon /D.Bruin won the "Director's Choice" award for his charcoal "Lion Portrait".

All 4 award winners received a plaque for their accomplishment and will also have a rollover basic membership for Midwest FurFest 2013!

In addition, the Art Show Staff also awarded ribbons for "Staff Picks" -- each staff member chose one piece that they felt deserved some special recognition. The winners of the "Staff Picks" were:
Amber Hill/Vantid
Chris Dame
Stephanie Lynn
Ruben Avila
Sandra SanTara
Sarah Clemens
Foxfeather Zenkova
and Rebecca Frey/BushyCat

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks once again to all of the artists!

November 18th, 2012


I really hope my friend's reports from the con are not accurate. Did somebody really pee off a balcony? Are people really leaving USED condoms just laying around the elevators? I didn't get to go this year due to lack of money, and it's sounding like it's a very good thing. Have furries really become such pigs that they would do these kinds of things? I really hope con and hotel staff are doing something about all this. The people doing these things need to not be allowed back to MFF for some time, if ever. That's just sick.
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